Additional Colors

This extension simply adds many (I'm not embellishing when I say that, there's a lot) color constants for use in GM.

colors.gex  Downloaded 2146 times

Data Sorting

This extension provides an easy method to sort data in arrays or lists which is more flexible than the methods existing (or not existing, in the case of arrays) in Game Maker. I won't go into much detail here, but the documentation will explain the things the extension can do.

data_sorter.gex  Downloaded 3216 times

GRegex Regular Expressions

Here's the GM7 extension adaptation of my GRegex regular expressions DLL. As with the DLL, it allows the use of regular expressions from within Game Maker. Only now that it's actually integrated into the environment, it should be easier to use with functions appearing in the quick help.

gregex.gex  Downloaded 2509 times

High Resolution Timer

Naturally with the release of GM7, extensions are going to be playing an import part in my creations. So, here's the first conversion of one of my past projects. There will be more to come as I gradually convert my projects. For those of you not using GM7, never fear, my old creations will remain available.

HRT.gex  Downloaded 7118 times