3D Sky Box

A quite often asked question is how to make skies in 3D in Game Maker. A while ago I got fed up with people suggesting using ellipsoids because they tend to look horrible as well as use up far more polygons than a box would. I used Terragen to create the box textures as there are numerous tutorials for creating sky box textures with it, not to mention that it's free.

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Beam Weapon

This is a little example I threw together back in GM6.0 for fun. I had almost forgotten about it. It used the particle system, so I had to rework it for GM6.1, so this will not work under GM6.0.

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Maze Generator

This is a maze generator I made a while back for some reason which I can't remember.

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Orbit Simulation

I made this a while ago and showed it to a few people but never really posted it on my site. I decided I may as well put it up because I think it's cool. Clicking and dragging the left mouse button creats a planet and gives it a velocity. This is largely just a fun little toy to play with where you can see the orbital path a planet will take as you're dragging out its velocity. There's some other controls, but since this is an editable it shouldn't be hard to find out what they are.

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Planet Rendering Demo

This is an ancient demo I wrote back not long after GM6 came out. Like most things it simply sprouted from nowhere and I made some neat stuff. In particular there's the fake specular highlights reflected from the oceans of earth (which is not physically accurate in the slightest) and the shadow of Saturn projected on its rings (you can see it at different angles by holding ctrl and using the up and down keys to change the axial tilt).

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Polygon Triangulation

This is an algorithm that I implemented in Game Maker which decomposes an arbitrary polygon into triangles. I didn't come up with the algorithm, I just translated it into GML. For virtually all the polygons I've tested it with, it seems to work. Just be sure to follow the directions on the screen when creating a polygon and it should work.

polygon.gm6  Downloaded 3445 times

Simple Race AI

Some of you may recognize this from my old site. It's a very primitive race AI. It demonstrates how to use paths for the AI cars without restricting the cars to only following the path. Keep in mind this example is very primitive and lacking a lot of things. However, it's only meant to demonstrate how the AI can be made to move, so it serves its purpose.

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Sorting Algorithms Demo

This is a demo of 11 different sorting algorithms I made. I meant to host it for others to learn from and I haven't really gotten around to it until now.

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Trajectory Aiming

The title is a tad bit vague. What this example does is it shows how to fire an object such that it will pass through another point. The twist is that the fired object will have gravity acting on it, so it will fall. If the target doesn't move, the fired objects won't ever miss. It's very neat to watch.

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